Your Questions

Product Management
  • Is there a correlation between fund performance and flows? And can I identify and drill down to highly correlated investors?
  • Which past events have impacted holdings and flows? Can we measure individual investor sensitivity to these events? And how can we respond to similar events in the future?
  • What is the likeliness of an investor being interested in a certain product?
  • How successful was my marketing campaign / roadshow?
  • Can I measure how long investors remain invested at product/ country level?
  • Can I receive predefined alerts/notifications?

Our Solution

Distribution Analytics

Module Functionalities

  • Contains analytical functionalities grouped into the following areas:
    - Behavior Analysis
    - Client Clustering
    - Shopping Basket


  • Improved insights into distributor/investor behavior
  • Better product management, development & positioning
  • Predictive analytics & forecasting